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Delivering Package

UX Writing + CONTENT Strategy

Well-crafted content is key to any successful digital experience. My approach to content strategy is user-centered, data-driven, and produces measured success.

Content strategy and UX copywriting for the health dashboard at, providing a seamless and intuitive experience for managing health needs.

Preventive care checklist

Problem to solve:

Give the "chief health officer" access to all of their family’s preventive care recommendations in a single place

UX copywriting for the Comcast Business Help & Support, providing a self-help option for businesses to triage their own technical support problems before calling Comcast.

Check connection status

Efficiently walks a user through checking their connection and diagnosing connectivity problems.

Problem to solve:

Breaking down a complicated technical journey into plain language and simple steps accessible to a business owner with an unknown amount of technical knowledge.

Modern Architecture

Conversational design

I have experience creating user-friendly, and human-like interactions between people and technology. Conversational design has the power to revolutionize the way we interact with technology, and  well-designed conversational interfaces can enhance user experiences, improve efficiency, and increase user satisfaction.

CB Assistant: Billing Journey

CB Assistant's MVP journey guides a user through paying their bill, both authenticated and unauthenticated.

Problem to solve:

Allowing users to find a seamless digital payment solution through an engaging and human-like interaction with technology.

CB Assistant: SMALL TALK

By using small talk, CB Assistant provides users with a more personalized, human-like experience, making them feel more comfortable and satisfied with the interaction.

Problem to solve:

Creating a delightful user experience.

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