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Pretty Is A Set Of Skills

This Jezebel article is right in line with what I write about in my book, "Smooth": the fact that pretty is a set of skills. It's true you have something to start with, and not everyone's starting level is the same, but what you can do from there is a set of skills. Not much of "pretty" is natural.

"Pretty is artifice. Pretty is a construct, and a social construct at that. Pretty can be fun to do, to learn, to practice, to hone; but pretty can also be damaging. When I worked at Ben & Jerry’s during undergrad, I noticed that on days I wore makeup, people were nicer to me. Our society ascribes value to women based on how well they’ve achieved this artifice to suit current trends and values. A woman’s appearance is often discussed before or / and more than her personality, beliefs, passions, or achievements. Especially when those passions and achievements have nothing to do with creating this artifice." -- Emily Armstrong, Jezebel

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